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We offer a flawless amalgamation of unique computer software and control console, which makes our systems and solutions a class apart, for utilization in machining and calibration. We are also working as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter.

Services Offered

Following are the services that we offer:

  • CMM Inspection
    • Components
    • Fixtures
    • With Cad/Cam Comparisons


  • Laser Calibration
    • CMM
    • CNC
    • WIRE CUT
    • ULM
    • VMC
    • HMC


  • Ring Gauge Calibration
    • Plug Gauge
    • Slip Gauge
    • Special Size Thread
    • Plain Ring
    • Thread Ring


In addition to the aforementioned services that are broadly categorized into three types, we also offer Caliber Checker Calibration Services. 


Our infrastructure is outfitted with the latest technology and innovation such as grid encoders, laser alignment systems, high precision Autocollimeters and electronic levels. Furthermore, all calibartion and measurements adhere to international standards of traceability and quality, and as such, the entire gamut of alignment machinery and precision calibration apparatus, is coded with robust software algorithms, to offer unmatched performance and accuracy, over and over again. All this is integrated with an innate safety protocol and a control system, to ensure a safe and sound working atmosphere for our employees, and also to improve the net productivity quotient obtained from the facility.

Quality Assurance

Our company has installed spatial measurement by utilizing the wavelength of laser as basis and employ laser interferometers to provide accurate measurements in the vicinity of submicrons. Furthermore, alignment and evaluation is done using measurement systems that possess high data capture speeds, in addition to inspecting the contouring accuracy of systems by utilizing coded programs. Aiding them, is our team of highly skilled technicians and qualified engineers, who boast an extensive knowledge and deep insight of the latest innovations in the domain, and incorporate the same into their work, enabling us to deliver on all fronts, and be at the vanguard of technology.

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